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Juvenile Diversion Project

Comprehensive, rigorous, and tailor-made juvenile rehabilitation and justice program serving cities, school districts, and law enforcement.

  • Works with teens who commit criminal or serious school violations, who may be charged with a crime or SARBed, suspended, or expelled.

  • Works with teens who commit infractions or school violations, who may be disciplined or suspended.

  • Focuses on identifying the teen's underlying behaviors and outlooks that led to the violation.

  • Allows teens to redefine their narratives, to promote a safer and happier future.

  • Encourages teens to be authentic and feel secure.

  • Requires teens to actively participate in restorative justice.

  • Offers a pathway for young offenders to avoid permanent scholastic or criminal consequences, which can place teens on the "school to prison pipeline."  

  • Gives teens the opportunity to choose a better path forward, amend their behavior, contribute to their communities, and avoid a criminal record.


On Path Mediation for Teens

On Path provides teens, their parents, and their families with the opportunity to address problems at school and at home by developing custom solutions and providing life-changing relationship skills.

  • Helps teens facing difficult struggles at school and with friends and family to develop life-changing personal growth strategies. 

  • Helps teens facing criminal charges by completing a stringent protocol of diversion addressing remorse, remediation, and positive behavioral changes.

  • Allows teens to redefine their narratives, to promote a safer and happier future.

  • Encourages teens to be authentic and feel secure.

  • Fosters the skills necessary for teens to tackle substance abuse, depression, anxiety, bullying and cyberbullying and social pressure.

  • Custom programs for teens struggling with aggression as well as for teens suffering from bullying.

  • Imparts coping skills to allow for a more purposeful future.

  • Advocates with schools and/or police on behalf of teens, to provide an opportunity for real change.

On Path

Business Mediation

Mediation, justice, and workable solutions for business disputes and workplace challenges to help entrepreneurs focus their time and energy on what matters most.

  • Addresses open conflicts and unresolved tensions that can lead to the deterioration of business relationships, team performance, and morale.

  • Provides positive-sum solutions with practical applications for real businesses.

  • Uses collaborative methods to create buy-in and build bridges, even among bitterly conflicting parties.

  • Fosters conversations that result in lasting change and peace of mind.

  • Focuses on joint problem-solving to develop innovative solutions that expand possibilities.

Business Mediatio
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