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About Joan

I am an attorney and a mediator with extensive experience in juvenile and family program design, counter-recidivism, and restorative justice. As a prosecutor, I have worked with the cities of Manhattan Beach, Gardena, Redondo Beach, Torrance, South Pasadena, and Los Angeles, focusing on gaining compliance and working with Community Oriented Police Teams.


I was trained not only as a court room attorney and litigator but also as a master mediator.  Juvenile Diversion Project is an evidence based program that help foster youth create a positive path forward and prevent more serious alternatives. I helped design and write the curriculum for the first peer resolution program in Manhattan Beach schools. I then established Manhattan Beach's unique Juvenile Diversion Program, which has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of young offenders. Following the success of the JDP, I helped to institute Redondo Beach’s domestic violence diversion program based on the core JDP principles.  To date, there have been no recurrences of domestic violence and recidivism has been rare among graduates of these programs.

"In Manhattan Beach, the juvenile diversion program focuses on kids who are encountering the justice system for the first time. Jenkins works with the kids to make it the

last time."

- Easy Reader News, Best of the

Beach 2017

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