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Means of Correction Consultant by way of Restorative Justice in compliance with AB 1165 amendment to Ed Code Section 48900.5

Joan Stein Jenkins JDP, an evidence based restorative justice diversion program, has been the diversion program in the South Bay schools, In addition to diversion for a wide range of violations which pupils are referred and successfully complete, JDP has successfully worked to transform behavior for pupils who are disciplined for racist bullying, and harassment, or intimidation.  

Joan Stein Jenkins JDP is already in compliance with the stringent Education Code Section 48900.5 conditions:

  • a)  Suspension, including supervised suspension as described in Section 48911.1, shall be imposed only when other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct. 


A school district may document the other means of correction used and place that documentation in the pupil's record. JDP can provide the documentation.

  • Other necessary means of correction are included in subsection b: 

  • (1) "A conference between school personnel, the pupil's parent or guardian, and the pupil." This requirement is built into JDP.

  • (3) JDP works with "the required study teams, guidance teams, resource panel teams, or other intervention-related teams that assess the behavior". In order to best ensure success for each participant, JDP tailors evidence based practices to "develop and implement individualized plans to address the behavior in partnership with the pupil and the pupil's parents."

  • (4) JDP refers appropriate pupils to "comprehensive psychosocial or psychoeducational assessment, including for purposes of creating an individualized education program, or a plan adopted pursuant to Section 504" 

  • (5)JDP has always prioritized conversations and programs " teaching prosocial behavior or anger management" to be essential steps in correcting behavior.

  • (6) Participation in a restorative justice program. JDP has a proven track record of successfully fostering positive behavior by employing the very evidence based steps outlined in 48900.5.

Joan Stein Jenkins JDP has long time established relationships with a broad spectrum of programs: LGBTQ+ alliances, support and education programs, local art, sports program, and cultural outlets, special needs programs, therapists, trauma therapists, rehabilitation facilities, abuse therapists and programs, IOP programs, mentoring programs, foster care agencies, DCFS staff, SARB, intergenerational programs, tutors, wellness centers, school. and district staff, and community service providers, and in an effort to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation cultural legacy the Museum of Tolerance, the California African American Museum, Japanese American National Museum, and other pertinent cultural institutions. 

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